• Most Compact Dewatering system

    Ideal for small and large construction site

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  • Special for the fall season.

    Every Tigerfloc Dewatering Kit includes a TigerFloc hat

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The only portable Water Treatment System

This system is suitable for any construction site and of any size

Tigerfloc Dewatering Kit

The Tigerfloc Dewatering Kit is a product that should be on every active construction site where erosion and sediment control is required.The Tigerfloc Dewatering Kit is housed in a plastic tote which makes it very easy to store on site, ship to a site, and prevents it from getting wet. The Tigerfloc Dewatering Kit has everything you need to start treating dirty water, with a setup time of only 15 minutes!

Call 1 (877) 228-2124 to Order

A Tigerfloc ball cap is included in every Tigerfloc Dewatering Kit

Active Water Treatment Systems

These 2 systems are available for rent only

Take a lookMini Water Treatment Unit

This unit is the perfect choice for treating all types of waste water where space is limited and mobility is key.

Mini Water Treatment Unit

Take a lookMobile Sediment Pond

This product is an excellent option where water detention is required, but space on site is limited. It also can be moved around site as needed.

Mobile Sediment Pond
  • Amazing Product. Would recommend it to any construction site. A life saver for a very reasonable budget. Matthew Arden, Contractor
  • The dewatering kit works like magic. It was such a relief to see it in action after 15min of setup time, we turned it on and within minutes we were all impressed by how clean the water was coming out. Atef Abdelkefi, Manager