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Tigerfloc Belts

Tigerfloc Belts

Sewn nylon mesh with four, ½ lb. sealed pouches of Tigerfloc inserted along the flocculant belt length. Nylon loop at top for attachment ease to hooks, carabiners, string, etc. For optimal performance maintain Tigerfloc belt hydrated at all times.


Placed in water flow where turbidity, heavy metals, or hydrocarbons exist to accelerate particle deposition (i.e. sediment ponds, swales, pumped water).

Tigerfloc Flocculant Belt Detail


36” (L) x 5.5” (W) x 2” (H)<br />
5 Tigerfloc Belts per Box (or can be purchased individually)<br />
For all questions and orders, please contact us directly, or one of our distributors. We ship worldwide.

Tigerfloc Belt Shipping Boxes