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Floc Flocculant

Floc Flocculant
Floc Flocculant

The Floc line of flocculating agents is a series of many products custom designed to remove contaminants from wastewater. These include: BOD, TSS, Heavy metals, Inks, Pigments and Dyes, Emulsified Fats, Oil and Grease, Phosphates, and helps reduce TDS and EC's vs. other chemistries.

The Floc Agents encapsulate the contaminants in strong Floc, producing a waste sludge that easily dewaters; the treated water can be reused or discharged directly to sewer.

Process time is also greatly reduced resulting in fast wastewater treatment and thereby increasing your throughput. The treatment systems also available from Floc Systems Inc. that are used with Floc can be custom tailored to clean over 1000 gpm!

These Floc flocculants can be used in industrial waste water treatment, as well as in sediment control situations (on construction sites) when clarifying water prior to discharge off-site is required. 

Recently, Floc Systems Inc. visited the manufacturer and distributor and saw the incredible results when using Floc as compared to other flocculant agents. Many industries have switched over to Floc now, as its quick action on hard-to-treat waste water, and better cost make it the most effective flocculant on the market.

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Floc is available for purchase in the following formats:

- Floc Socks (6 socks per box)

- 50-lb. Bags

- Pallet with a 2000 lb. Super Sack

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