Tigerfloc Videos

Please watch the videos below for more information on Tigerfloc, our water treatment units as well as general explanation videos. Check back periodically, as videos will continually be updated with new demonstrations and case studies.


Video 1: Check out the effectiveness of Tigerfloc when sprinkled on check dams!


Video 2: Instructional Video on how to set up your Tigerfloc Dewatering Kit:


Video 3: Tigerfloc Dewatering Kit in Action on Site


Video 4: Client using a Tigerfloc Dewatering Kit on a 6" Pump!!


Video 5: Demo of the Water Treatment Unit SRD 200 - showing incoming and exiting water. 


Video 6: Resuspending Treatment with Tigerfloc. Excellent application for truck washes, and overall re-mixing of Tigerfloc with additional sediment.

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