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Project Highlights

Gold Rush Freddy Dodge's Mine Rescue - As Seen On Discovery!

Floc Systems is a proud supporter of Freddy Dodge's Mine Rescue, currently airing on Discovery + in Canada. In the season opener, Freddy's team used Tiger Floc loose floc to treat some of the toughest and dirtiest water on their active mine site.

Glad we could help! 

Commercial and Industrial Development

Our Floc Systems tanks and loose granular flocculant at work treating surface water runoff on a 30 acre commerical development site in Abbotsford, BC. Water quality was discharged directly into an adjacent stream/wetland, so clean water quality was critical!

Floc tanks and Tigerfloc treating surface runoff from a 30 acre commercial development site in Abbotsford, BC.

Residential Construction

A tandem Tigerfloc Kit setup treating construction water in the winter during a Significant Rainfall Event while construction crews completed new stormwater pond construction as part of a residential construction project in Surrey, BC. 

Agricultural Development 

Floc Systems tanks, loose granular flocculant and Tigerfloc belts at work to treat surface water as part of a 100 acre agricultural development project, in the Township of Langley, BC. Water was collected in an engineered storm water pond, pre-treated with a dose of loose floc and further treated through a series of Tigerfloc belts and hose, prior to discharge directly into an adjacent stream system.