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PAM Floc Belts/Socks

PAM Floc Belts/Socks

PAM Flocculant Belts/Socks are now available from Floc Systems Inc. for use for your water treatment on construction sites.

Floc Systems Inc. manufactures the PAM Floc Belts/Socks in our facility, and has designed the Belts/Socks as an improvement on the Floc Log. PAM Floc Belts/Socks advantages over the Floc Log include:

  1. More surface area of PAM per volume of water due to the smaller size of the PAM tablets inside the belt/sock, as compared with the "loaf-of-bread" shape of the Floc Log; and
  2. The PAM Floc Belts/Socks hold the tablets in the belt/sock pockets until dissolved completely, as compared to the Floc Log, where chunks of the Log tend to detach and flow downstream in concentrated pieces (not popular with municipal regulators)!!

PAM Floc Belts/Socks are used in swales, sediment ponds/basins, in active water treatment systems, and any other situation that requires water treatment.

Floc Systems Inc. offers the PAM Floc Belts/Socks for sale individually, or in boxes of 5.

Please give us a call at (604) 343-2046, or email us at: for orders or with any questions.