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The Best Portable Water Treatment System Available

The smartest way to economically treat dirty water on construction sites large and small

Tigerfloc Water Treatment Kit

The Tigerfloc Water Treatment Kit is an amazing product that should be on every active construction site where sediment control is required. The Tigerfloc Water Treatment Kit is housed in a compact plastic tote which makes it very easy to transport and store on site. The Tigerfloc Water Treatment Kit has everything you need to start treating dirty site water in 15 minutes! The Spill Kit for unexpected dirty water - to have on hand just in case you need it.

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Substitute your Chitosan Socks for our Tigerfloc Flocculant Belts/Socks for Better Results!!

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  • Amazing Product. Would recommend it to any construction site. A life saver for a very reasonable price. Matthew Arden, Contractor
  • The water treatment kit worked like magic. Quick setup time, we turned it on and within minutes we had clean water coming out. Scott Merchant, Manager
  • Floc Systems technicians were both knowledgeable and resourceful when it came to helping manage storm water on our large agricultural development. A customized treatment solution was designed to fit our unique development needs. David Goosen, Goosen Construction at Volken Farms