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Floc Systems Inc. expertly designs and manufactures advanced water treatment solutions. Specializing in removing turbidity, heavy metals, and hydrocarbons, our TigerFloc products serve clients across Canada and the USA. Discover our commitment to cleaner water and a healthier environment.

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We researched and created the industry’s best flocculant product: TigerFloc

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Environmental and Filtration Experts Guiding You Through Your Industrial Water Treatment Needs

Oleg Verbenkov


Kyla Milne

Professional Biologist and Sales Lead

Bridgette Knowlan

Biologist and Lead Field

May Thwin

Customer Services and Sales Team

Roshini Sachithra

Customer Services and Sales Team
Driven by over four decades of expertise in land development and water treatment, our team at Floc Systems combines innovative product development, expert biological consulting, and dedicated customer service to deliver comprehensive and effective water treatment solutions.

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The water treatment kit worked like magic. Quick setup time, we turned it on and within minutes we had clean water coming out.

Scott Merchant




Floc Systems technicians were both knowledgeable and resourceful when it came to helping manage stormwater on our large agricultural development. A customized treatment solution was designed to fit our unique development needs.

David Goosen

Construction at Volken Farms



Amazing Product. Would recommend it to any construction site. A lifesaver for a very reasonable price.

Matthew Arden