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Below is a selection of in-the-field demo videos that give an initial look at our TigerFloc products in action

TigerFloc Granular flocculant agent demonstration

The above video shows a quick demonstration of how fast TigerFloc granular product works to reduce the turbidity of water quality.

Effectiveness of TigerFloc when sprinkled on check dams!

The above video demonstrates how well Tigerfloc works in conjunction with other ESC controls.

How to set up your TigerFloc Water Treatment Kit

Your quick How To Guide on the kit setup!

Side-by-side Tigerfloc Water Treatment Kits in use

Experience the simultaneous effect of TigerFloc Water Treatment Kits as they efficiently tackle water treatment challenges on site.

Dewatering Kit used to dewater a dirty pond!

Efficiently dewatering a murky pond with our TigerFloc Dewatering Kit!

TigerFloc Water Treatment Kit in action on Site

Ensuring rapid and effective water treatment on construction sites for unmatched performance.

Another TigerFloc Dewatering Kit used to dewater a dirty pond!

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