01. Optimizing Water Treatment: Understanding Dosage with TigerFloc Products

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In the world of water treatment, especially on construction sites and in industrial settings, getting the
dosage right is crucial. It’s not just about compliance; it’s about efficiency, effectiveness, and
environmental stewardship. This is where understanding the dosing guidelines for products like Tigerfloc
becomes vital.

Nephelometric Turbidity Units (NTUs) are a measure of water clarity. In water treatment, they indicate
the amount of suspended particles. Turbidity levels can vary based on several factors, including the type
of construction activity and the nature of the site. The effectiveness of a treatment process can hinge
significantly on these turbidity levels.

Floc Systems Inc. offers clear guidelines for using their Tigerfloc Water Treatment Kit. For water with
turbidity levels less than 500 NTU, a single Tigerfloc Belt/Sock in the Floc Tube is generally sufficient.
However, when dealing with more challenging conditions where the turbidity exceeds 500 NTUs,

inserting two Tigerfloc Belts/Socks into the Floc Tube is recommended. These can be easily attached end-
to-end using a zap strap (zip-tie) for extended treatment capacity.

Several case studies demonstrate the effectiveness of Tigerfloc products when used correctly. From
managing runoff on large construction sites to treating water in industrial applications, the right dosage of
Tigerfloc products have made a significant difference in water clarity and compliance with environmental
In the realm of practical applications, Floc Systems Inc.’s products have proven their mettle. Here are a
a couple of notable instances:

  1. Gold Rush Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue: Featured on Discovery+, this project saw the Tiger
    Floc loose floc is being used to treat extremely challenging and dirty water at an active mine site.
    This real-world application underlines the efficacy of Tigerfloc in demanding and variable
  2. Commercial Development in Abbotsford, BC: A 30-acre commercial development site utilized
    Floc Systems tanks and loose granular flocculant for treating surface water runoff. Given the
    proximity to a sensitive stream/wetland area, the quality of the discharged water was of paramount
    and the Tigerfloc products were delivered as needed.

These case studies showcase how Tigerfloc products can be employed effectively across a variety of
settings, from intense mining operations to sensitive commercial development sites.

Applying the correct dosage of Tigerfloc not only ensures compliance with environmental standards but
also enhances the cost-efficiency of water treatment processes. Correct dosing leads to more effective
sediment control, reduced need for re-treatment, and overall better project outcomes.

Correct dosage in water treatment is not a minor detail; it’s central to the success of the process. With
Tigerfloc products, adhering to the recommended dosage guidelines ensure effective treatment and
environmental compliance.

For more detailed information about Tigerfloc products and their application, visit Floc Systems Inc.’s
website. Explore our range of products and solutions tailored to your water treatment needs.


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